Flammable & Chemical Warning Signage

Flammable & Chemical signs are a range of hazard warning message types of signs used for the purpose of mounting around areas to warn others of specific risks involving flammable materials such as highly flammable gases in which mounting danger highly flammable gases signs can be displayed to warn people of the gases which are highly flammable and where acids are present people can be warned of this by mounting danger acid warning signs which will warn people of the dangerous acids in the area. In sites where chemicals are stored and handled on a daily basis such as laboratories and factories it is vital that people wear the correct types of ppe to protect them from chemical spillages such as chemical resistant suits and chemical resistant gloves. Our full range of flammable warning signs offer a wide range of hazard warning signs for mounting around areas where people need to be warned of flammble goods and materials and our full range of chemical warning signage provides a complete range of chemical signs for warning others of any risks from chemicals around sites. For further information regarding Safety signs and signals, the Health and Safety Regulations 1996 guidance on Regulations can be downloaded FREE of charge from the UK Government HSE website. View the complete range of hazard warning safety signs.

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