Electric Plug Identification Labels

Electric Plug Identification Labels, self-adhesive power plug labels for applying to your power plugs to show others which equipment and machinery the plug is powering such as the photocopier plug socket labels identifies the plug belonging to the photocopier and the Photocopier Power Socket Labels are for applying to the surface of the electrical wall socket to warn people the power socket is dedicated to the photocopier machine. View our complete range of labels for warning of electrical hazards and instructing people to carry out actions to help prevent electrical shocks and our range of signs for warning people of electrical hazard risks around the workplace.

We also supply a range of labels for identifying machinery and equipment by their power leads and cables and any electrical plugs and sockets you may not want switched on as they are dangerous, business owners and managers may need to install and mount electrical hazard warning signage around electrical risk areas to warn others of the dangers from high voltages and inspectors of electrical equipment and machinery can easily mark up their findings with our range of labels and stickers following electrical inspections. Our full range of electrical equipment and products offers a wide and diverse choice of electrical safety goods to help ensure the workplace is free from electrical risks.

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