We all need a torch from time to time, just in case of a power cut at home or whilst at work, maybe you go camping and we all know how much a torch is required for camping. We supply a complete range of torches for both homes and businesses too, security guards often require torches because they could be on a night time security search, torches are often used by the police and other rescue teams to search for people in the event of an emergency during the hours of darkness, amongst our range of brilliant torches we have a range of head torches too, these head torches come complete with straps for wearing on your head so no hands are required, we also supply Weather Proof Sturdy Floating Lantern Torches, Maglite C CELL And D Cell Maglite Torches, Nightsearcher Zoom LED Flashlight With Five Light Modes and many more from our range of torches.