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We all need a torch from time to time, just in case of a power cut at home or whilst at work, maybe you go camping and we all know how much a torch is required for camping. We supply a complete range of torches for both homes and businesses too, security guards often require torches because they could be on a night time security search, torches are often used by the police and other search and rescue teams to search for people in the event of an emergency during the hours of darkness. The Maglite® High-Performance Mini Torch is available in AA battery size, fits easily into a pocket or small handbag, Maglite® is a brand name from a quality torch manufacturer and this Maglite mini-torch is compact and small enough for personal use and features a reflector combined with superior optics for excellent lighting from the beam which many cheap torches cannot compete with.

The Nightsearcher Head Torch uses a handy micro USB connection for charging on the go, this torch has impressive six lighting modes allowing for versatile use in any environment and features a powerful 250 lumens beam which can also be adjusted to either 130 or 25 respectively, on full power the light can reach up to 127 metres, the Nightsearcher Explorer High Performance LED Torch is one of the most powerful torches available on the market, utilises high performance LED with a precision lens and reflectors to create a beam that reaches up to 500 metres. The lightweight and hard wearing aluminium housing is shock and water resistant and offers protection from corrosion, supplied with a USB charging station and dock, which has indicator LEDs on it allowing you to ascertain the status of the torch at a glance. View our complete range of site security equipment and products essential for keeping the workplace and you home safe and secure.

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