First Aid Eye Care

First Aid Eye Care supplies, all workplaces must have first aid essentials in places such as first aid kits, cabinets or for larger sites first aid rooms, it is vital that as part of the supplies in the first aid kits that some for of eyewash saline solution is present and in date. For the small business and homes the Saline Eyewash Solution which is supplied in a 250ml bottle is ideal for any eye washing emergency to remove dust, particles and debris and will make a perfect addition to everyone's first aid box. The Emergency Premier Eyewash Stations have been designed for larger industrial premises and features an integral plastic mirror for self-administration, displays clear and concise instructions, wipe clean hardwearing plastic construction. Illuminated printed instructions, can be used even in a power cut. Dust proof heavy duty cover, 2 Eye Pad Dressings, 2 Eye Wash 500ml Bottles, 5 Eye Wash 20ml Pods.

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