Chemical Resistant Work Stations

Chemical Resistant Work Stations are the ideal solution for holding and storing a range of products including PPE products, spill absorbents and small containers of liquid, around the workplace where spills from oils, lubricants and chemicals happen on a regular basis such as from machinery, equipment, maintenance works and decanting the ideal solution is to contain the liquids inside workstations such as an Open Fronted Polyethylene Work Stand in which the contents can be clearly seen and accessed immediately. The Small Maintenance Spill Response Cart is used to store spill response equipment for responding to spills, the Small Maintenance Spill Response Cart features a removable shelf with an 8 litre sump, lockable door and an absorbent roll holder that can hold 550mm (dia) x 520mm (w) absorbent roll. For more choices of hazardous products and equipment view our hazardous goods products range for the workplace

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