Fire Escape Keep Clear Signage

Fire Escape Keep Clear Signs are a mandatory message type of fire escape route signs which are used for being mounted and displayed around premises where there is a need to ensure the occupants of the building keep the fire escapes clear for use in an emergency and the signs conveys messages such as "Fire escape keep clear" which means it is mandatory that the fire escapes throughout the building are kept clear. Ensuring the routes for fire exits are kept clear the mandatory escape route keep clear signs are ideal for mounting on walls and doors to ensure people keep the travel routes to fire exit doors are obstacle and hazard free and it is vital that any fire extinguishers located near fire exits are not wedging fire exits open and are correctly wall mounted or housed on fire extinguishers stands at all times to prevent them being misused as door stops. View the full range of keep clear signs, the full range of mandatory fire door signs, the full range of fire door signs, the full range of mandatory signs and the complete range of safety signs for the workplace.

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