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Ensuring your premises are are kept in a clean, safe and secure working environment for everyone is vital and can be demanding at times, in small premises and offices this can be undertaken by one or 2 people to help maintain the premises but in larger sites such as schools, hospitals, factories and public places this maintenance will normally be carried out by a site facilities team. Our range of office supplies can help people with taking care of sites such as the installation of safety signs with our range of sign fixing products including banner ties, sign fixing glue, suction pads, sign hanging kits and adhesive tapes. When you need to ensure people are comfortable in your premises such as ensuring the temperature is correct our range of cooling fans and heaters offers a wide choice of solutions to ensure people are kept both warm in winter and cool during the summer with our products such as cooling fans, electrical fan heaters, oil filled radiators, patio heaters and air conditioning units.

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