Absorbent Granules

Absorbent Granules, spillages around the workplace or on petroleum forecourts can prove to be very dangerous to people if the spillage is not cleaned up immediately, it is vital that workplaces have absorbent granules to hand and ready to soak up spillages such as chemicals. For example the Powder Absorbent Granules provide up to 30 times more absorbency that clay granules and are economical, environmentally- friendly granules turning any liquid or semi-liquid into a solid, the New Safety Tread Absorbent Granules are superior absorbing granules which offer the premium solution to spill control, the fast acting absorbent is chemically inert allowing any spilt liquids to be efficiently absorbed regardless of the chemicals involved. View our complete range of spill absorbent products for cleaning up oils, chemicals, lubricants and maintenance leaks around the workplace.

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