Projecting 3D Signage

Projecting 3D Signs are a range of signs which have been designed so that when they are installed will project from the wall to offer an almost 3D visual effect, Projecting 3D Signage can also be seen from both sides of the corridor or walkway. The health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations 1996 state that Projecting 3D toilets Signage must be displayed where other commonly used signs will not be seen or have the desired effect where obscured toilet facilities or equipment such as in corridors and as a result mounting 3D Projected washroom Signage you are complying with health & safety. Projecting 3D Signs are wall or corridor signs which shows your message from all directions where mounted which gives your projecting signs an almost 3D effect as it projects out from the wall and can be easily seen from a variety of angles and distances.

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