Recycling Signage

WRAP recycling signs are used for displaying near recycling containers which contain specific waste items which are then sent for recycling, recycling facilities in the workplace can be simply having a paper recycling bin which is the common type of recycling facility. Recycling facilities at recycling centres are normally a range of small and large metal skips which usually have recycling signage displayed to let the general public know what items are recycled in which particular skip, for example household recycling and trades waste recycling. In workplaces and offices the range and types of recycling bins and containers vary depending on the company working practices and their particular waste management procedures, in large sites where general waste is disposed of in the large recycling skips will be the preferred option, empty plastic bottles will be placed in recycling bins for plastic bottles and food waste from kitchens and catering outlets will be disposed of in waste food recycling bins. You can check your recycling collection via the recycling collections from the UK government.

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