Nite Glow Fire Action Signs

What are Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs? Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs are a range of signs which provide vital information of key steps people must take in the event of a fire and being Photo-luminescent these signs will glow in the dark for some time in the event of a power failure or loss of building lighting.

Can Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs be wrote on? yes Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs are manufactured for this purpose as property owners and managers may need to write inside the blank spaces with vital information about what actions the building occupants must do when they have discovered a fire which could save valuable time and in turn saves lives.

How long will Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs glow for? The glow in the dark signs will illuminate for up to 8 hours once fully charged by natural daylight, you will be able to easily locate the fire call point, read the emergency instructions and activate the fire alarm with good visibility as they provide additional lighting during any darkness.