First Aid Plasters

Every workplace and home needs a first aid kit and if there’s another thing that consistently runs out faster when compared to most other things, it’s plasters. Since they’re most common to take care of moderate wounds it’s remarkably easy to stop thinking about how extremely important they are but nevertheless every so often they’re suitable for some-thing severe, not to mention smaller sized wounds might possibly provide an infection possibility. The Fabric Assorted Plasters are ideal for refilling your first aid kit in the workplace or in the home whist the Blue Catering Assorted Plasters are ideal for keeping in your kitchen first aid kits as they are metal detectable and highly visible for food handling or medical environments. For larger industrial premises the QuickFix Waterproof Plaster Dispensers contain 90 plasters and features an eye-catching design in first aid green, individually wrapped plasters for excellent hygiene. See the complete range of first aid products.

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