Protective Footwear Signage

Protective footwear Signs are a range of mandatory message types of instruction signs used for displaying in areas to ensure people wear some form of foot protection to help prevent them getting foot and toe injuries whilst working in hazardous areas such as building and construction sites. Wear foot protection signage is ideally mounted at entry points to hazardous areas to stop people from proceeding further unless they are wearing safety boots or shoes which are strict requirements for health & safety reasons to protect people from receiving toe injuries. It is normal that where people must wear safety shoes or steel toe capped boots that high visibility clothing is also required to be worn to help improve the visibility of people working in the same environments as industrial machinery such as fork lift trucks. Workplace PPE mandatory signs are for wall mounting around workplaces where you need people to wear ppe to help protect them, see the full range of health & safety mandatory industrial signs and you may be interested in the complete range of safety signage for mounting around industrial premises such as workplaces, factories, offices, warehouses, shops and public areas.

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