Protective Safety Boot Signs

What are Protective footwear Signs? Protective footwear Signs are a range of signs that belong to the mandatory message family that where you see displayed it is vital that you must wear some for of foot protection as part of your ppe requirements and to protect your toes from any potential injury whilst carrying out your duties.

Protective Safety Boot Signs, whatever the day to day functions are within your workplace where you require staff, visitors and contractors to wear safety (steel toe cap) boots then you need to display safety boot signage to inform everyone they must conform to your regulations for reasons of health & safety. This rule applies to many workplaces including warehouses, factories and building & construction sites.

The safety of everyone's feet and toes are paramount around sites where it can be hazardous or dangerous such as building and construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories and so on, where, due to your risk assessment and health & safety policy you may need everyone including staff, visitors and contractors to wear boots, you can enforce this requirement upon everyone by displaying these Safety Boot Signs.