Electrical Warning Signage

Electrical Signs are used for the purpose of warning others of potential dangers from electrical voltage risks with the intention of reducing the chance of harm or injury to themselves or others. Electrical warning signs such as the danger 240 volts symbol signs are manufactured in landscape orientation and can be mounted indoors or outdoors and are available in either self-adhesive vinyl which has an easy peel backing for applying to most clean, dry smooth surfaces, the rigid plastic material can be mounted onto walls, doors and cabinets with a glue applied to the rear of the sign and self-adhesive rigid plastic signs feature and an adhesive backing to simply stick to many surfaces.

We provide a range of products for ensuring the safety of people around the workplace and in residential properties from electrical equipment and electrical machinery, our range of labels and stickers for marking and identifying electrical equipment are the ideal solution for clearly reminding people which electrical plugs and sockets belong to which type of equipment and machinery. Labels for clearly marking and identifying electrical equipment and machinery are the ideal solution for electrical inspections to show the status of the electrical equipment and machinery, see our complete range of electrical safety products and equipment which offers a wide choice of goods to keep your workplaces and staff free from electrical hazards and risks.

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