Hot Water Signs

Hot Water Signs, within your premises or homes sometimes you may have hot water that is very hot for cleansing purposes such as in kitchens or for the cleansing of medical equipment, generally very hot water can be present anywhere where there is hot water. In order to prevent an injury from someone becoming injured by way of scalding themselves it is vital that you display some for of hot water signage, you can warn people of very hot water by displaying these Hot Water Signs, when you display these Hot Water Signs you are sending a clear warning message to everyone that they must be aware and cautious as the water is very hot in order to prevent an injury. The health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations 1996 state that hazard signs must be displayed to warn people to be careful or to take precautions where hazards exist so by displaying these Hot Water Signs you are complying with health & safety legislation. Our range of Hot Water Signs are available with free delivery too. Please display your Hot Water Signs in clear positions around your sites where they can be clearly visible to everyone and especially around where your very hot water supply is. These Hot Water Signs are a hazard warning sign which consists of a vibrant yellow background with an image of an exclamation mark printed in black and surrounded by a bold black triangle, the image of the exclamation mark in the triangle in hazard signage is universally recognised as a beware or cautious symbol.