Caution Slippery Surface Signage

Caution Slippery Surface Signage is used for displaying in areas which have slippery surfaces to warn others to be cautious of slipping, Caution Slippery Surface Signage are highly visible, vibrant yellow in appearance and features a pictogram icon of a person slipping on the surface as illustrated on the Caution Slippery Surface Floor Stands which when unfolded can be stood on floors as a temporary measure where liquid spillages have taken place. Premises such as leisure facilities with swimming pools, saunas and wet rooms can mount and display the Caution Slippery Surface Double Sided Signs which are excellent for mounting in corridors and the "Caution slippery surface" message can be seen from both sides.

Around sites which have areas constantly slippery during wet weather such as outdoor stairs, steps and pedestrian routes can warn people to be cautious of the slippery surfaces by displaying the Caution Slippery Surface Aluminium Signs which can easily be wall mounted and will last a very long time in wet conditions, warning staff, visitors and contractors to be cautious of slippery surfaces on a temporary basis such as snow and ice covered car parks, footpaths and driveways the Caution Slippery Surface Stanchion Signs offer the best solution.

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