No Smoking Company Policy Signs

The purpose of displaying company policy no smoking signage is to ensure staff, visitors and contractors are fully aware that the company has implemented a site smoking ban in order to comply with the no smoking regulations. No smoking company policy signage is normally mounted around large sites where health & safety conditions need to be met and will include banning smoking within their grounds. Should the company want to prohibit the smoking of vapes or electronic cigarettes they can display no smoking electronic cigarettes signage such as smoking electronic cigarettes is prohibited signs which prohibits people from smoking vapes on the company premises.

You may be interested in the complete range of no smoking workplace prohibition signs which features a vast range of no smoking signs in a variety of sizes, formats and materials, some of which can be mounted outdoors and are compliant with the workplace signs and signals regulations. When you need to control people who smoke around your sites it is important that you display the correct type of smoking control signage to convey the message you need towards smokers, we also supply a full range of signage which conveys prohibition messages for workplaces to stop and restrict people from carrying out actions or activities that may harm themselves and others and our vast safety signage range for workplaces, schools, factories, industrial premises and public areas all comply with the signs and signals regulations to keep your workplace safe.

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