Spill Absorbents

Spill Absorbents, the containment and cleaning up of spillages from machinery, equipment and chemicals is vital around the workplace to ensure people don't slip from leakages on the floor or come into harm from any spilt chemicals. The absorbent spill cleaning pads provide you with a range of spill clean up pads to quickly clean up areas which have had spills or leaks from oils, lubricants and maintenance works. The absorbent granules offer a rapid solution for soaking up spillages on the floor which quickly allows chemicals, oils, fuel and water to be cleaned up without the need for absorbent pads making the absorbent granules a fast-acting cost-effective solution to clean up workplace spillages.

The absorbent pillows have the ability to soak up leaks involving liquids such as chemicals, maintenance and oils in tight and hard to reach spaces and under persistent drip sources, spill absorbent rolls offer an ideal solution for cleaning up leaks and spillages around the workplace from oils, fuels and chemicals and are instantly dispensed from rolls. The spill absorbent socs are available in a range of lengths so you can surround leaks and spillages from equipment and machinery allowing the leaking liquids to be contained and not spill over a further distance. View our complete range of products and equipment for controlling and housing hazardous goods for a wide range of choices.

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