Protective Clothing Signs

What are Protective Clothing Signs? Protective Clothing Signs are a range of mandatory signs that enforces everyone to wear some form of protective clothing as part of their ppe requirements and also to protect people from damaging their own clothes in the case of overalls or you may want your staff, visitors and contractors to wear high visibility clothing.

Protective Clothing Signs, when the day to day functions of your business requires employees, visitors and contractors to wear protective clothing you will also need to display mandatory signage around your premises to enforce the wearing of protective clothing is carried out.

You need to display the protective clothing in prominent positions, near to or adjacent to the room or area(s) where protective clothing is required to be worn.

It can be suggested that in order to find the most desired location to display the signs the best practice is to consult a workplace risk assessor to provide you with some guidance. We manufacture all of our protective clothing signs in our factory and can be delivered next working day in most cases.