Vehicle Spill Kits

Vehicle Spill Kits ideal for your commercial vehicles carrying hazardous materials or chemicals to contain spills, the Oil Maintenance Spill Boxes are lightweight types of oil spillage cleaning kits which are used for the soaking up of oil and petroleum based liquid spills, with clear instructions on the vibrant yellow box which can be either wall mounted around your premises or even secure behind the seat of a truck the Oil Maintenance Spill Boxes are the ideal solution for having available to clean up any oil spillages. The Oil ADR Vehicle Small Spill Kits contents are housed within a durable transparent bag, the front of the bag completely opens which provides quick and easy access. Fitted with a convenient shoulder strap for ease of transportation, each kit is supplied with socks to contain the spill and pads and pillows for the clean up. Compact design fits easily in small storage areas behind or under the front seat of a truck. For use in vehicles as stipulated by European Transport Regulations. View the complete range of spill kits for cleaning up liquid spillages around the workplace.

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