Hot Water Signs

What are Hot Water Signs? Hot Water Signs are a range of signs that convey warning messages to everyone that wherever the signs are displayed there is a potential for someone to get scalded by the hot water so by displaying Hot Water Signs you are warning everyone to be cautious as the water may be very hot.

Hot Water Signs, over the last few years health & safety has played an important part within the workplace, private properties and public buildings, in the modern age we have to display adequate hot water signs where required within your establishment to warn your staff, visitors, contractors and the general public that you have hot water. Displaying the caution hot water signs is obviously no guarantee of an injury by using the hot water, however by displaying the danger hot water signage where appropriate you have taken the required steps to warn everyone of the dangers.

The hot water signs should be displayed in clear, prominent positions where they can be easily read by everyone, our range of hot water signage is available in a variety of formats, materials and sizes so we are sure we have the correct hot water signs for your requirements, please browse our range of caution hot water signs and danger hot water signs below all of our hot water signage is available with free UK delivery.