Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs

What are Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs? Coronavirus (COVID-19) signs are a range of signs which have been designed and manufactured especially to help UK businesses comply with the government guidelines regarding keeping everyone safe whilst on their premises, this includes all staff, visitors, contractors and the general public.

Where type of coronavirus signs will i need? Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs are available in a vast range of designs, materials and sizes, the type of signs you need will depend on the working practices and environment your business operates, for example factories and warehousing may need posters whilst smaller premises such as shops and surgeries may just need signs.

Where can coronavirus signs be located? Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs can be displayed around your premises in as many locations as necessary to ensure your employees are reminded and adhere to the specific government guidelines, these signs and posters have been displayed in reception areas, offices, restrooms, canteens, toilets and washrooms.

What are the benefits of coronavirus signs? coronavirus signs have many benefits when displayed around premises as you are compliant with the requirements of the government guidelines and if you have an inspection you can be assured you have taken the right steps to help protect everyone on your premises, an added benefit is the fact that everyone within your premises will be gently reminded and educated about the coronavirus and what they need to do whist on your premises to protect themselves and everyone else from catching or transmitting the virus.