Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs

Coronavirus (COVID-19) signs are a range of signs which have been designed and manufactured especially to help UK businesses comply with the government guidelines regarding keeping everyone safe whilst on their premises, this includes all staff, visitors, contractors and the general public. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs are available in a vast range of designs, materials and sizes, the type of signs you need will depend on the working practices and environment your business operates, for example factories and warehousing may need posters whilst smaller premises such as shops and surgeries may just need signs.

View the range of coronavirus posters to remind people of specific actions to be carried out to help prevent spreading the virus, see the range of floor tapes for marking out aisles and walkways around your premises to help keep people in specified zones whilst on foot or in queues, view the range of floor signs for schools which encourage children to walk on specific routes and wash their hands on a regular basis and our complete range of coronavirus protection products helps to protect people from others who may have the virus.

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