Smoking Area Signage

The purpose of mounting and displaying smoking area signage is to comply with the no smoking ban in public buildings and workplaces by providing dedicated smoking areas either around the exterior of the premises or outside the perimeter depending on the workplace operations and the number of employees. Where smoking areas have been designated such as round the sides or the rear of building the smoking area needs to have a suitable, wall mountable cigarette waste bin where smokers can extinguish their cigarettes, just as important is letting the occupants of the building know where the smoking area is located by displaying smoking area signage such as smoking area signs which can be mounted near any cigarette waste bins positioned in smoking areas.

Smoking control signage allows you to be in control of the smoking areas around your sites and stop people from smoking in specific areas which helps you comply with your fire risk assessments, smoking control signs such as cigarette waste only no litter signs makes it mandatory that no litter can be disposed of in the cigarette bins to help prevent a fire starting. As well as providing no smoking signage we supply a complete range of prohibition restriction signage range for schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, offices, shops and public areas. Our full range of safety message signs for industrial workplaces can be either wall mounted or applied to surfaces both indoors and outdoors and complies with the health & safety signs and signals regulations.

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