Acrylic Material Signs

What are Acrylic Material Signs? Acrylic Material Signs are a range of information signs with a difference as they have been designed with acrylic material which is a tough yet robust and highly attractive type of signs, Acrylic Material Signs are normally displayed around premises where people want to provide a posh and luxurious type of area and these types of signs compliment the decor.

Ideal for environments where image is paramount, Die-cut self-adhesive symbol is applied on 6mm frosted acrylic for a contemporary look Available in sizes A4 or A5 Supplied with 4 x screws and 4 x silver anodised aluminium panel supports 14mm allowing the sign to protrude from the wall elegantly from the wall.

Acrylic material is similar to Perspex, it is tough and durable with a high gloss ‘glass type finish’. Acrylic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Acrylic signs offer high end first impression for your business. For the best impression we suggest mounting business signs that are made from the acrylic material by using stand offs. Stand offs should be mounted at no more than 600mm spacing’s. If you order your acrylic signs with stand offs, Stylish and contemporary, with silver anodised fixings, sign sits 20mm proud off the wall.