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Treating burn injuries in the workplace or in the home is a matter of urgency and time is essential to ensure the patient suffers less pain and further damage or infections to the burn area is kept to a minimum. For helping treat people with small burn injuries at home the Non-toxic Sterile BurnSoothe Gel helps prevent contamination. Non-toxic and sterile, provides instant comfort and effective pain relief. cooling gel for burns. Safe to use on all burn types, treating people with burn injuries in the workplace such as factories and kitchens the BurnSoothe Large Burns First Aid Kits are suitable for providing medical assistance within medium sized workplaces to employees with burn injuries, containing a full range of selected burn injury first aid essentials stored neatly inside a fully mobile, plastic protective case. The Burnshield Hydrogel 50ml Bottle instantly cools the skin to prevent damage to healthy tissue. Soothing gel provides first line treatment for burns, scalds and even sunburn. Immediate relief for all types of burns - essential for all first aid kits.

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