Caution Trip Hazard Signs

Trip Hazard Signs are a range of warning message type of signs which warns everyone of the potential dangers posed by any trip hazards around sites and premises, these Trip Hazard Signs are vital to help prevent anyone getting an injury from tripping up whilst on your premises.

Caution Trip Hazard Signs, within your property or workplace there could be hidden dangers that pose a threat to pedestrians on a route they walk such as a trip hazard, the trip hazard could be a small change in floor levels, trailing cables or loose or uneven floor surfaces such as paving stones or floor tiles.

Wherever there is a potential trip hazard around your premises or within your workplace then you must display these caution trip hazard signs, our caution trip hazard signs will ensure your staff, visitors, contractors and general members of the public are are adequately warned of the trip hazard dangers.

The trip hazard signs must be displayed either side of the route of where the particular trip hazard is to ensure maximum visibility and help deter people being injured from a trip in your premises.