Barrier Tapes

Barrier tapes, the best and easiest solution for cordoning off hazardous areas to people is to use barrier tapes, the barrier tapes are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors to create barriers and prevent others from entering the hazardous areas. Barrier tapes can be used between cones, industrial racking, metal peg posts or wooden posts or used indoors for for laying on flooring to create pedestrian barriers around equipment, machinery, hazardous areas, fire equipment and emergency exits to ensure they remain clear. The Black And Yellow Plastic Flagging Tapes are highly visible types of barricade tapes which are used for creating barriers and barricades to cordon off areas which may be hazardous to pedestrians, the Danger Do Not Enter Barrier Tapes are red and white barricade tapes used for creating cordoned off areas around hazardous areas to ensure others do not enter and conveys the message "Danger Do Not Enter" which people will instantly see and observe to keep them out of danger.

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