Multi-Language Signage

Bilingual Safety Signs are a range of dual message signs used for the purpose of mounting in areas where people speak, read and understand their own language such as Welsh and Polish which can be combined with the English language, dual message safety signs can be mounted to help others identify hazards and risks associated within workplaces and convey messages, pictograms and information as actions which must be carried out to prevent or protect themselves and others from harm or injury as illustrated in the Polish and English language fire door keep shut signs which identifies the fire door and the instruction is to keep it closed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Signage in welsh and polish language to identify fire exit routes can be mounted to show the occupants the direction of travel in the event of a fire, mandatory welsh, polish and english signage can also be mounted to ensure others carry out specific actions and our range of welsh language signs are ideal for workplaces employing welsh language speakers and likewise for polish language speakers the polish language signs are ideal for employers with polish speaking staff.

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