Fire Equipment Signs

What's the best way to identify fire equipment? fire equipment can be found in all premises throughout the UK and this includes caravans, lodges, holiday lets and private homes, where fire equipment is installed in workplaces, hospitals, schools and public buildings the fire equipment location needs to be highlighted to ensure that when needed the equipment can be easily identified and used accordingly and the best solution is to install fire equipment signage throughout the premises.

What are Fire Equipment Signs? Fire Equipment Signs are a range of signs which convey messages to everyone regarding fire safety equipment within premises so that the fire equipment can be identified and if required used to either raise the fire alarm or used to extinguish as fire so it is vital the correct type of fire equipment signage is displayed around the fire equipment.

Where can Fire Equipment Signs be located? siting the fire equipment signs all depends on the type of fire equipment you want to highlight, for instance you can display a fire hose reel sign above where the fire hose reel is located so that everyone can see the sign but if the hose reel is located in a recess in a corridor then you will need to highlight it's location with corridor signage which is double sided so the hose reel location can be identified from both sides of the corridor.