Keep Clear Signage

Keep Clear Signs are mandatory message types of instruction signs normally used for displaying in areas to keep fire exits, fire escape routes and emergency exits clear and free from hazards which could delay people escaping a building in the event of an evacuation. Fire exit keep clear signs are ideal for displaying on both sides of the fire exit doors to ensure they are kept clear and fire escape route signage is ideal for mounting on walls around emergency escape routes to keep them clear from obstacles and hazards so people have free movement. It is vital that all fire exit routes are correctly signed with the appropriate fire exit signage to ensure people understand which way to travel to reach the fire exit door in the event of a fire.

Our range of signs for keeping fire exits clear are ideal for mounting on and around fire doors, the fire escape keep clear signs are for mounting on fire escapes to ensure people keep them clear of obstructions, the keep clear instruction signs means people must keep areas clear. View the full range of mandatory fire doors signs, the full range of signs for industrial fire doors, the full range of mandatory health & safety signs and the complete range of health & safety signs for the workplace

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