No Pedestrians Signage

No Pedestrians Signs are a range of prohibition message restriction signs used for the purpose of displaying around areas to stop pedestrians being allowed in certain areas either for safety or security reasons such as works being carried out on pedestrian routes and where there is no thoroughfare for people on foot. Around sites where no pedestrians are allowed on walkways and are being told to use a different route it is recommended to mount pedestrian route signage to instruct pedestrians to use an alternative route to avoid hazardous areas.

Access restriction prohibition signs are used to convey “not allowed” messages for example, to indicate that access is not allowed and features a red circle and single diagonal 45 degrees red line passing through and the background normally contains a black pictogram of the action which is prohibited. Our complete range of industrial prohibition signs which are ideal for all premises include stop messages which help remove or reduce the risk of people being harmed or injured therefore complying with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. Around the workplace where signs are required such as for alarms, fire awareness, preventing danger, prohibition, warning of hazards, instructions for safeguarding people and for directing people towards fire exits and first aid facilities our fully compliant health & safety workplace signs are your ideal solution.

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