Spill Absorbent Rolls

Spill Absorbent Rolls, the Re-Form™ sorbents take less away from our environment because they are made from 70% recycled newsprint and other recycled materials and feature better absorbency. The unique construction of Re-Form™ PLUS Medium weight Perforated Rolls make then 25-50% more absorbent than oil-based polypropylene sorbents, you'll use less product which means less material to dispose of. The Oil Sorbent Roll in Dispenser Box are ideal for absorbing a wide variety of industrial liquids. For absorbing oil and petroleum based liquids, ideal for storage areas to catch overspray from machines and for cleaning up leaks and drips. One-sided spun bond material provides extra strength with lower lint.

The Multi-Ply Five In One 5-in-1 Maintenance Sorbents can be used as a pad, wipe, roll, pillow or soc, effectively absorbs a variety of liquids including water, oils, coolants and solvents. Multi-Ply Five In One 5-in-1 Maintenance Sorbents construction provides excellent absorption and multiple perforations ensure waste is kept to an absolute minimum. Low lint on one side prevents contamination of delicate components, supplied in a convenient dispenser box for easy access in an emergency. The Mobile Sorbents Roll Holder is strong, lightweight steel Mobile Sorbents Roll Holders, each dispensing of from 500mm up to 1000mm wide sorbent rolls, bar holds rolls securely whilst sheets are torn off. Strong yet light steel construction, fitted with wheels for easy manoeuvring. View our complete range of spill absorbent products for cleaning up oils, chemicals, lubricants and maintenance leaks around the workplace.

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