Flammable Signs

What are Flammable Multi-message Signs? Flammable Signs are a range of hazard warning types of message signs which convey a variety of messages regarding any materials, liquids or solids that are present that may be of a flammable nature around sites and premises to ensure everyone around the premises are adequately warned of the dangers.

Where can i display Flammable Multi-message Signs? Flammable Multi-message Signs have been specially designed to convey messages that warn everyone of the dangers of flammable goods as well as the preventative measure everyone must take whilst in the environment of the flammable goods so it is recommended that the signs be positioned in areas such as the entry points of where the flammables are so everyone understands the dangers and what they are allowed and not allowed to do.

Do Flammable Multi-message Signs have any features? Flammable Multi-message Signs have feature such as being able to convey warning messages about the flammables and are bright, colourful and will catch the eye of everyone, being a multi-message type of sign they also save wall and door space as you are displaying just one sign bu conveying 2 or more safety messages.