Flammable Signs

What are Flammable Signs? Flammable Signs are a range of hazard warning types of message signs which convey a variety of messages regarding any materials, liquids or solids that are present that may be of a flammable nature around sites and premises.

Where your business or property handles, stores or uses flammable liquids or flammable substances you must display warning signs close to the location of the hazards, you must display these flammable warning signs to ensure everyone understands the dangers in that location this includes employees, contractors, visitors and in some cases the general public too.

With warning flammable multi-message signs it totally depends on the risk you are controlling to determine which multi-message sign you require, for example if you have gas propane cylinders stored around your premises then instead of purchasing two signs such as warning full cylinders and prohibition no smoking, you would actually purchase one multi-message flammable warning sign that incorporates both messages saving you space and more importantly money too.