Social Distance Floor Tapes

What are Social Distance Floor Tapes? Social Distance Floor Tapes are a range of floor tapes which will help all businesses, shops, pubs and public places designate walkway areas for everyone whilst on the premises, by applying floor tapes you can encourage everyone to adhere to walking or queuing in specific areas according to where the tapes are positioned.

Social Distance Floor Marking Tapes, around all workplaces and retail premises it is vital that social distancing measures are followed as following the UK government guidelines, one of the best ways you can ensure you meet the demands of the correct social distancing reminders for staff, visitors, contractors and the general public is to lay down floor marking tapes.

When you lay these floor marking tapes on your floors you are ensuring everyone is restricted in their movements by remaining in the areas where you laid your floor marking tapes to ensure social distancing measures are maintained.