Safety Knife Replacement And Blade Disposal

Safety Knife Replacement And Disposables Blades, replace your workplace safety knife blades and dispose of the used one correctly to prevent harm or injury to others, where you use Martor safety knives in your workplace you can ensure correct disposal of the used blades with the Martor Used Blade Container which features a hi-visibility yellow colour makes it easily distinguishable, permanently lockable lid to ensure you can safely get rid of blades - preventing accidents. The Slice® Ceramic Replacement Mini Blades are for use with the Slice® Box Mini and Pen Cutters, ceramic blades stay sharp 10 times longer than traditional steel blades, each blade lasts the equivalent of 20 high end metal blades. Rounded tips reduce injuries. Double sided hand sharpened blades will not rust. View the complete range of safety knives for using around the workplace and in the home.

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