Drum & Cylinder Storage Units

Drum and Cylinder Storage Units, around the workplace it is vital that employers conform with the health & safety regulations by ensuring their cylinders are correctly stored in security cages outside the building, the risk to life or serious injury to people including firefighters is heightened if a fire was to take place near any cylinder storage areas. The purpose of the cylinder storage cages are to store securely all cylinders, any loose cylinders misplaced or left inside a building such as a fork lift truck gas cylinder may prove fatal by exploding in the event of a fire and with this in mind all cylinders, both full and empty must be kept secure in locked cages, if a fire occured and the full cylinders are secured inside cages it is easier for the fire service to cools down the temperature of the cylinders with water to help prevent them from exploding. You can view the range of cylinder security and storage cages to help you keep your cylinders stored in a safe manner.

Keeping your drums safe and secure in outdoor locations is very important, especially when they contain toxic chemicals, hazardous and flammable liquids such as petroleum spirits, when staff need to decant from the drums without a doubt spillages and leaks will happen so it is vital the drums are not only contained and sheltered from the elements but the drums are also kept on decks which have sumps large enough to take the capacity of spilt liquids. Drum storage huts or sheds are available to hold a number of drums, you can see the range of drum storage huts and sheds which offer a variety of solutions for keeping your liquid drums safe and secure. For more choices of hazardous products and equipment view our hazardous goods products range for the workplace.

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