Electrical Hazards

What are Electrical Hazards multi-message signs? Electrical Hazards signs are a range of signs which have been designed to convey warning messages to everyone with regards to any electrical hazards that may be present around premises, Electrical Hazards signs are vital informative signs to help minimise any potential electrical shocks.

Which electrical sign do i need? this will depend on the type of message you want to put across to everyone, there is a large variety of multi-message signs which include various electrical risks, as guidance you need to warn people of what type of electrical hazard is present and the message alongside it will normally be mandatory or prohibition type or a combination of both.

What benefits do Electrical caution multi-message signs have? one of the major benefits of displaying these signs is that you are saving both money and space, rather than purchasing 2 or more different signs you can now just display the one sign which conveys all the messages for you with an added benefit of having different messages side by sides ensures the signs are highly visible and will catch the attention of everyone.