PPE STOP Floor Signs

PPE STOP Floor Signs are a range of floor personal protective equipment signs that are generally used for being displayed around entry point areas on floors to help ensure people wear the correct type of ppe before entering the hazardous areas, vibrant red in colour with white text the stop floor signs will be easily seen by pedestrians, areas which require people to wear goggles before entry will be prompted to wear goggles for eye protection and the safety goggles can be issued from the goggles storage boxes or the storage hooks for goggles which feature the eye protection symbol sign and can be easily wall mounted. When you need to make sure staff, visitors and contractors wear ppe in specific areas the mandatory ppe signage range offers a variety of mandatory ppe signs in various formats, sizes and materials, see the full range of mandatory message workplace signs for a variety of safeguard instruction messages and the complete range of signs for complying with health & safety regulations offers a range of prohibition, instruction and hazard warning safety signs.

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