High Visibility Vest Signs

What are High Visibility Vest Signs? High Visibility Vest Signs are a range of mandatory type of message signs that means that you must wear high visibility clothing as part of your ppe requirements and for your own safety and protection in areas such as building and construction sites, factories, warehouses and many more locations where being seen is vital to your safety.

High Visibility Vests, coats and jackets are required to be worn around most industrial premises, factories and warehousing, without high visibility clothing being worn workers are more likely to be involved in an accident especially where industrial machinery is being used such as fork lift trucks.

Wherever around your premises or building and construction sites you require your staff to wear high visibility vests then you need to let them know this and you can convey the message by installing these high visibility vests must be worn signs.

These high visibility vests signs are a mandatory sign which means everyone around your workplace must comply with for their own safety.