Electrical safety is vital in both the workplace and around the home, ensure your staff, visitors, contractors and if appropriate the general public are kept safe at all times from electrical hazards and risks, our range of electrical safety labels and stickers are ideal for labelling up all types of electrical equipment, electrical leads and electrical plugs both in the workplace and around residential home. For warning others of electrical risks around the workplace see the range of electrical warning signs which are ideal for warning others of electrical voltages around the workplace, whether you need to label and mark up electrical leads and plugs see the range of electric plug identification labels and stickers to clearly identify and remind others of specific electrical plug sockets and labels.

The inspections of electrical items and equipment around the workplace and in the quality control department can be made easy by labelling up electrical items with electrical inspection labels and stickers used by electrical inspectors and technicians for applying to equipment, machinery, plugs and sockets such as PAT testing which shows people the status of the electrical good. Our range of electrical goods offer a wide range of choices such as torches for the workplace and for use around the home and a large choice of batteries for both industrial and use around the home with brands such as Duracell for added peace of mind, maintenance teams needing to ensure the safety of themselves and others whilst carrying out repairs and routine maintenances on machinery and equipment will benefit from our range of lock out products such as lock out kits, lockout hasps and lockout warning tags to help ensure site maintenance teams are kept safe from danger.

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