Disposable Glove Box Dispensers

Disposable Glove Box Dispensers are manufactured from clear acrylic material and used for wall mounting in areas where people need to wear latex or powder free gloves, the dispensers allow disposable gloves to be taken without the need for people to hold the box which helps prevent any cross contaminations especially in sterile and clinical environments such as hospitals, healthcare environments and laboratories.

The single latex glove box dispenser is ideal for small hygienic environments such as dental practices, gp surgeries, workshops, shops and nhs healthcare premises, the double latex box dispensers are perfect for larger premises where latex gloves are required by a large number of staff on a daily basis and the triple latex gloves dispensers are the ideal solution for wall mounting in and around busy clinical environments such as hospitals, care homes and laboratories where latex gloves are worn frequently by people. You may be interested in our complete range of personal protective equipment storage containers for storing your ppe around the workplace.

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