Spill Clean Up Kits

Spill Clean Up Kits are ideal for cleaning up and containing your industrial liquid spills, the Vehicle Spill Kits are ideal for your commercial vehicles carrying hazardous materials or chemicals to contain spills, for example the Oil Maintenance Spill Boxes are lightweight types of oil spillage cleaning kits which are used for the soaking up of oil and petroleum based liquid spills, with clear instructions on the vibrant yellow box which can be either wall mounted around your premises or even secure behind the seat of a truck. The drum spill kits are ideal for medium and large sized spills, screw top lid ensures easy access to sorbents in the event of a spill. Water and chemical-resistant drum protects contents from moisture, dirt and damage. Drum can also be used as a shipping container for used sorbents, handy kits are available for oil and fuel spills.

The mobile spill kits are the perfect solution for a rapid response to your workplace liquid spills, fully stocked and mobile to easily transport spillage cleaning up products, the Economy Emergency Oil Spill Kits are easily transportable spill kits in sturdy transparent bags. Contents are quickly and easily identifiable. Available in 28 and 70 litre absorption capacities for oil only spills, the Chemical Economy Spill Kits are portable chemical spillage kits designed for a rapid response to cleaning up small chemical spillages, suitable for use on basic drips and spills, for indoor or dry-weather outdoor use and featuring all the contents being stored in a high visibility, water-resistant lightweight carry bag makes the Chemical Economy Spill Kits ideal for cleaning up small chemical spillages.

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