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It is essential that all workplaces and homes have some form of burn relief product inside their first aid kit, from treating burns on the fingers and hands from touching hot surfaces through to industrial skin burns from hot works or chemical splashes it is vital burn relief products are readily available for such burn injuries. The CoolTherm Burn Gel is ideal for being stored at home to help deal with any burns to adults and children, suitable for use when a burn wound is difficult to dress or when a dressing is not required.

The CoolTherm Burn Gel counteracts burns on unbroken skin and provides a protective barrier to guard against contaminants and irritants that may delay healing times. Cools and soothes pain from burn. Innovative unique action gel, Ideal for treating minimal burns such as slight sunburn. The CoolTherm Hand Burn Dressing Glove technology absorbs thermal energy in order to cool and soothe. The tips of the fingers are visible so they can still be observed after dressing, separates individual fingers to avoid any webbing on the hand and potentially reducing the need for skin grafts. CoolTherm Hand Burn Dressing Glove can help avoid the need for skin grafts by isolating digits on application. View the full range of products to treat burn injuries.

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