Xtra-Glo Hanging Fire Exit Signage

Xtra-Glo Hanging Fire Exit Signs are a range of signs which are used for being mounted and suspended from ceilings around areas where there is a need to let the occupants of the building know which way to travel in the event of a fire evacuation and the signs are ideal for hanging around areas where wall space may be limited such as in corridors, Xtra-Glo Hanging Fire Exit Signs feature being able to glow in the dark for an amazing 24 hours and extra bright when the lights go out so the message of the sign will be easily seen in darkness and has an eco-friendly polyester film coating which makes the sign appear white in daylight and makes it glow brightly when there is poor lighting and manufactured from acrylic material. View the range of Nite-Glow Fire Exit Hanging Signs, view the range of Projecting fire exit Signs, view the range of double sided fire exit signs for corridors, view the range of hanging signs for fire extinguishers.

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