Machinery Guards Signage

Machinery Guards Signs are a mandatory message type of instruction sign which are used for being mounted and displayed around machinery to instruct and ensure people use the guards on equipment and machinery such as before the machinery is started the guards must be in position and stop the machine before removing the guards both of which carry an instruction to help ensure the safety of the machine operator and others around them. Stopping others from specific actions around machinery and equipment can be beneficial with machinery prohibition signage where any actions around equipment and machinery could be dangerous to either the user or others nearby such as stopping people wearing loose clothing signs to prevent any accidents with loose clothing becoming trapped in live machinery and preventing unqualified people from operating the machinery signs to stop those people with no qualifications from operating the machinery which may result in an accident. View the full range of mandatory equipment signs, our range of signage which is mandatory, the workplace mandatory signs and the complete range of workplace safety signs.

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