Snow & Ice Clearing Equipment

Preparing for snow and ice around the workplace, schools, at home or whilst driving on the road is vital to ensure your staff, visitors and contractors are kept safe at all times and for homeowners to keep their pathways and driveways free from snow and ice. Perfect for households are the Mini Grit Bin Kits which are used to store and use white de-icing salt ready for spreading onto driveways, paths, patios, steps and car parks to melt snow and ice. Workplaces can take advantage of the winter grit and salt bins which will keep grit and salt dry all year round to ensure your paths, driveways and reception areas are kept clear during the winter months.

Industrial premises with car parks must ensure they are kept clear of snow and ice for their staff, visitors and contractors in which case the winter clearing kits are the ideal solution for keeping car parks clear of snow and ice over the winter season, drivers wanting to ensure they are prepared for getting stuck in snow and ice can store the Vehicle 8 Piece Winter Kit inside their vehicle in preparation for wintry conditions. Around the workplace when snow and ice has formed employers need to warn others of specific slippery hazards, gritting in progress hazards, closed footpaths and driveways due to snow and ice and the ideal solution is to display temporary Winter Signage which are mounted on high visibility yellow and black poles for ease of visibility.

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