Electrical Inspection Labels

Electrical Inspection Labels, used by electrical inspectors and technicians for applying to equipment, machinery, plugs and sockets such as PAT testing which shows people the status of the electrical goods. Often used in workplaces by quality control departments to ensure the condition of the goods are fully tested and recorded so others are aware of their condition, the tested for electrical safety labels are manufactured from vinyl cloth material and used by portable appliance testers and electricians to attach to electrical items which have been tested for safety with the message "Tested For Electrical Safety" which means to illustrate the complete details of the electrical safety tests which have been carried out on the electrical equipment.

For reminding others and quick identification of electrical cables and leads for equipment and machinery the electric cable and lead labels offer the perfect solution to ensure everyone understands which cables and electrical leads belong to specific electrical items and goods, signage which warns of electrical risks and high voltages can also be mounted in areas to warn others of dangerous areas where electrical hazards are present and our range of labels and stickers for marking up plug sockets and power leads are an ideal reminder to others about which plugs and power leads belong to what types of electrical equipment. See our products for workplace electrical safety and for a large range of choices in helping to keep your workplace safe from electrical hazards.

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