Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tapes

Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tapes are used for helping you create pedestrian walkways, non-slip and durable the Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tapes are the perfect solution for highlighting storage areas, marking out aisles and creating pedestrian barriers around machinery and equipment. The Toughstripe™ Max Heavy Duty Floor Tapes are an ideal floor marking solution for areas subject to heavy traffic use such as fork lift trucks and industrial warehouse machinery, Toughstripe™ Pre-Spaced Dashes Floor Marking Tapes are ideal for creating pedestrian pathways on floors, cordoning off hazardous areas and creating borders around storage areas and our complete Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tape range has many more workplace floor marking solutions. View the complete range of Toughstripe Floor Marking Tapes and stickers.

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