Fire Extinguisher Stands

Fire Extinguisher Stands have been designed to comply with the health & safety regulations to ensure fire extinguishers are not kept on the floor or used for wedging doors open. The benefits of housing your fire extinguishers in fire extinguisher stands is that you are creating fire points whilst keeping your fire extinguishers safe, secure and are not causing hazards. The Economy Double Fire Extinguisher Stands for example will house a 2kg Co2 fire extinguisher and your choice of water or foam fire extinguisher and are ideal for making fire points, the Chrome Double Tubular Fire Extinguisher Stands are a popular choice for offices, receptions, hotels and receptions to house the fire extinguishers where a prestigious image is required and used for housing the steel foam fire extinguishers and the 2kg Co2 chrome effect fire extinguishers.

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