Xtra-Glo Fire Action Signage

Xtra-Glo Fire Action Signage, these fire action signs are ideal for mounting in areas where you need people to see what actions they must take in the event of discovering a fire or upon hearing the fire alarm in darkness, xtra-glo fire action signs are manufactured to glow very brightly in the dark due to their high quality 530 micron photoluminescent coating and are compliant with PSPA Class C. Xtra-Glo fire action signs feature blank spaces for you to personalise with your own instruction such as who calls the fire brigade and where people must assembly in the event of a fire as illustrated on the Xtra-Glo Fire Alarm Fire Action Aluminium Signs which are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Xtra-Glo Fire Action Signage feature the ability to glow in the dark for up to 24 hours which makes them the perfect choice for use in tunnels, building, offshore environments and marine applications, simply allow just 5 minutes to recharge with the aid of good lighting and the signs meets ISO 7010 requirements, the xtra-glo film coating will also provide a bright level of lighting which can assist people in clearly seeing the signs and instructions from a distance even in the dark. Need more choices of fire action signs? view our complete range of fire action signs which offers a wide range of choices.

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